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The Lost Colony (2020)

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Six people from very different backgrounds have been selected by Hoga, the last of the Galdenian people from which humanity descends. The six are responsible for an artificial acceleration of human development.
According to the archives of destroyed Galdenia, there must still be two colonies where Galdenians may still live.
Hoga and the six go in search of those colonies, with a parasitic intelligence targeting modern spaceships and the bodies of people. War in the solar system is inevitable.
The Lost Colony is a SciFi thriller that leaves the reader on the edge of his seat.
The Lost Colony is the sequel to The Hidden Truth. However, the story can be read without any problem in isolation from the events of The Hidden Truth.

The Hidden Truth (2018)

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Six petty criminals from different parts of the world are brought together in a secret location. Not only the question why these six were selected, but especially who is responsible for their kidnapping is the basis for their investigation.
The truth is so unreal they have to believe it. Not only is humanity's survival at stake, but a cosmic legacy will have to be seamlessly integrated into its development.

The reader of the hidden truth is slowly drawn from the real world into a series of events, where the question regularly arises: why could it not be so?

The Research Lab (2018)

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A brutal murder is committed during the recording of a new television program with a revolutionary format. Soon one of the presenters is arrested as a suspect. The evidence is watertight. His colleagues are convinced that he is innocent, but is that really the case?
With the help of a few participants in the program and two professionals, it soon becomes clear that there is much more to it. The professional execution of the murder leads to a search that takes place worldwide.
The first clue is found in Hawaii, leading to a nerve-racking crisis in their own country.

This thriller was created on the basis of the experience of the writer who participated in a television program. The whole thing made such an impression that he used it as the basis for this thriller.

Original Sin (2017)

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On the deathbed of her grandfather, the lawyer Jane Lisbon is told that she was born in another part of the world under a completely different name, as a member of a very wealthy family.
In the past, however, all possessions and family capital were stolen by another family, whose members also killed some of Jane's ancestors in cold blood. Her grandfather devoted his life to drawing up and preparing profound plans to reclaim the family property.

All we had to do was wait for the executioner of the ingenious plans. Jane was purposefully raised for this by her grandfather. Helped by a ruthless freelancer, she declares war ...

Blackmail (2016)

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EA wealthy Dutch businessman leads a second life as a commando. Together with his friend, he supports secret services in global operations. He is forced by strangers to use his contacts worldwide and his inexhaustible financial resources to build a hidden launch facility for tactical nuclear bombs.
In addition to the organization responsible for the blackmail, he must also keep off the secret services that have heard of the possible threat on a global level.
Due to the cleverly chosen plot changes, the reader will never have the idea that the course of the story can be predicted.
This new thriller by Aad Flag puts the reader on the edge of his seat again.

The Marshall Document (2014)

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A presidential candidate deemed hopeless falls victim to an attack that he barely survives. A sophisticated campaign results in him being elected president by a large majority as a martyr.
A wealthy Dutch businessman finds through his contacts on the trail of a criminal organization that has placed a puppet in the most important office in the world. Exposing the organization does not seem enough to stop the events that are endangering world peace.

This fifth thriller by Aad Vlag takes place in a world of cunning, deceit and a relentless harshness, where the reader wonders whether this could not just happen.

Shameless Desire (2014)

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Sensual thriller about a budding love between the insecure Erica and the mysterious Inez.
When Inez takes over the company where Erica works, an intense love affair develops between the two women.
When an employee of the company where Erica works is murdered, everything points towards Inez, who is immediately arrested. However, she is released for the time being due to a lack of hard evidence.
Erica, convinced of the innocence of her great love, investigates with the help of some friends. However, is Inez that innocent and will their love last? Then it turns out that the killer goes much further than Erica had feared.

The treasure of Aardenburg (2011)

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A boys' book full of adventures for children aged 10-12, also ideal as a reading book.
Bas is a nice guy who plays a lot of computer games. When he goes to stay in a mill with his cousin, he doesn't feel like it. Still, he likes it, especially when he finds a real treasure map with his cousin Stijn.
However, the treasure lies in a scary haunted house where a few crooks also roam. Will the boys outsmart the crooks and finally find the treasure? The treasure of Aardenburg is an exciting boys' book that you can read in one go!

The Dorfer Dynasty (2013)

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Exciting thriller about an extremely rich family who run their business empire with a hard hand. Bribery and manipulation are their daily work. When Rick Dorfer asks for the cooperation of his family members in a DNA test for his critically ill daughter, the fire breaks out.
When a family member is murdered, everything indicates that Rick is the culprit. An international police organization takes advantage of Rick's vulnerable situation. They use him and his influence to solve an international plot.
Chased by an unscrupulous murderer, he must not only solve the plot, but also find out the real client.
Then it turns out that the conspiracy against him goes far beyond what he already feared.

The Council of Seven (2010)

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When the 28-year-old prostitute Lauren Caitland is visited in London by the Austrian stock market analyst Paul Dudek, her life changes forever. Paul knows her carefully kept secret identity.
Lauren feels like she's been haunted for ten years and has taken on a hidden life.
Dudek has developed a revolutionary method to predict stock prices. Later he uses this technique to track down missing persons.
So they discover that a medical experiment in which Lauren participated is the reason why she is being hunted and pursued. Together they reconstruct the events of ten years ago and come across a mysterious group of people who call themselves the Council of Seven.
The track leads via Finland to Austria. In New York they find the directions for the Council, after which an unexpected climax unfolds.

Black Lust (2009)

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Grisly thriller about a serial killer in the Amsterdam kinky world. A number of lurid murders were apparently committed by the same perpetrator, despite a variation in design and execution.
A dyed-in-the-wool detective is put in charge of the case, hampered by his successful past, causing him to take a somewhat biased approach to the case.
Reluctantly, he gets a female partner, but over time he realizes that her different view of the matter not only intrigues him, but also excites him.
Then the killer focuses on the private lives of the detectives and tension rises to a great height, culminating in another part of the country. Zwarte Lust is a thriller about power, lust, love and trust that is set in a world of kinky eroticism that is regarded by many as taboo.